The Outdoor Gear Review

Hey all! Little N here. Check out this great gear review / camping / adventure channel. The optimism that Luke exudes is infectious and is (practically) guaranteed to brighten your day! The reviews are unbiased and to the point. The editing is second to none with the video pacing slick. Those city slickers may even learn a thing or two about spending some time in the woods.

However, this channel might not be for you if spending time outdoors is not your thing. Four out of five stars. Great channel for those weekend warriors or those who want to experience the outdoor life from the comfort of your own home. There are only so much gear, outdoor adventures, and survival techniques and sometimes you can get burnt out on the topics.

Stuff You Should Know

What is it? – A scripted podcast that gives high level overviews of random topics.

Why should I care? – The podcast will make you feel happy when listening to it.

Pros – Can hear a lot of different topics, don’t have to think a lot when listening to it, there are over 1000 episodes, and the hosts have at it for a while so they have a good chemistry.

Cons – No continuity so not for someone that like story arcs. They go off script quite often and pretty far off track (which I don’t mind, but probably can drive some people crazy).

My 2 cents – 5 out of 5 zunes. Great for someone with ADD since the topics are all over the place and the hosts just go with the flow and can randomly bring up whatever is on there mind at the moment. It is not one of those heavy podcasts that will drain you, and also isn’t all talk that leaves you with nothing at the end of the episode.