Minecraft Story Mode!

What is it?
Choose your own adventure based on the popular Minecraft video game that you can watch on your big screen TV!

Why should I care?
Gene from Bob’s Burgers voices the male character! Ok, all kidding aside, there is so much work put into this show that it hurts my brain. Everything about the program is top notch and well thought out, the world design, story line, character development, and voice acting. The different decisions and relative smoothness the choices are worked into the story multiply how impressed I am with the experience.

Fun story, good voice acting, cute pet pig that follows the group around. It is like playing a video game and seeing the story without any of the pesky game play getting in the way.

The graphics are intentionally pixelated, like the Minecraft game, but it kind of gives me a headache.

My 2 Cents
Give it a try, stop watching if it is not your cup of tea. You are in for a treat if are into the story and can get past / like the graphics.