Mini Cooper 4 Door Hardtop

What is it? – 2015 Mini Cooper 4 door hardtop model.

Why should I care? – It will make you look cool and bring you enjoyment when driving.

Pros – Quick little car with sharp handling, cute styling, relatively inexpensive, and made by BMW.

Cons – Small on space and back leg room, not a commanding presence on the road, can be difficult for other drivers to see you.

My 2 cents – Four out of five tires. Great little car for 2 people traveling light and 35 mpg is pretty good gas milage for a non-electric assisted vehicle. Don’t even think about it if you need a family vehicle or want to transport anything bigger than golf clubs or groceries.

Stuff You Should Know

What is it? – A scripted podcast that gives high level overviews of random topics.

Why should I care? – The podcast will make you feel happy when listening to it.

Pros – Can hear a lot of different topics, don’t have to think a lot when listening to it, there are over 1000 episodes, and the hosts have at it for a while so they have a good chemistry.

Cons – No continuity so not for someone that like story arcs. They go off script quite often and pretty far off track (which I don’t mind, but probably can drive some people crazy).

My 2 cents – 5 out of 5 zunes. Great for someone with ADD since the topics are all over the place and the hosts just go with the flow and can randomly bring up whatever is on there mind at the moment. It is not one of those heavy podcasts that will drain you, and also isn’t all talk that leaves you with nothing at the end of the episode.

Short and Sweet

Each blog post will be short and sweet. I will keep the message to the following five points.

  1. What is it?
  2. Why should I care?
  3. Pros
  4. Cons
  5. My 2 cents

See example below:

What is it? – This is Mr. X’s blog and he talks about whatever he darn well wants to.

Why should I care? – Mr. X knows what will make you cool and what will make you uncool. So you better listen to Mr. X.

Pros – You will be the coolest guy around. Woman will want to be with you, and men will want to be like you.

Cons – None. Mr. X is the man.

My 2 cents – Five out of five stars. This blog is a collection of thoughts and ramblings just for fun. Please don’t take anything I say seriously. I probably didn’t mean it, or most likely I didn’t even think twice about what I just wrote. I mostly created this site to learn more about how to make a website…